tp 2We all can hazard a guess on what an adolescent male is doing when he is in the bathroom for an inordinate amount of time.

But what about fat old ladies? In particular, this fat old lady.

Well, I’ll tell you, how long I am in the bathroom depends on just how hard the Sudoku puzzle I’m working on is.

I sit on the pot and do Sudoku.

I consider it multitasking. I am taking care of necessary bodily functions while blowing the dust off my fat old lady brain.

I live in fear of losing mental acuity as I age. Both my mother and my maternal grandmother had significant mental fade as they got older. I know I spent my 20s and 30s wantonly destroying brain cells, and I need to take care of those few still bouncing around my punkin’ head.

I have a great big Sudoku book that I’m working through – easy, medium and hard. It is the latest of a series. I’m thinking once I finish this book, I’ll just switch over to using the program I have loaded on my Kindle Fire.

And if I get tired of Sudoku, I have a crossword program loaded as well.

And I have a program of logic problems too.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

The good news for my husband is we have two bathrooms – in case I get stuck on one of those diabolical puzzles. I would hate for him to have to stand in the hall doing the pee-pee dance, while I’m busy exercising the gray matter.

And while it may not be as much fun as the hypothetical adolescent male may (or may not) be having in the bathroom (ah – Schrodinger’s teen), it’s about all the excitement I care to have during a bathroom visit, thank you very much.

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