messy bunRecently on Yahoo, there has been a news item on how to get the perfect “messy bun.” This is a bun on your head, not on your plate; just in case you weren’t clear on what I’m talking about.

Since my hair has grown out, I can say that I am an expert on creating the messy bun. I achieve this effect daily by wadding my hair on top of my head and pinning it there. I, however, am not striving for a messy bun – it just turns out that way.

And in case my messy bun isn’t messy enough, here are two tips on how to perfect your messy bun.

1.  Sleep on it.  This will work really well – especially if you use a CPAP mask.

2.  Have a crazed cat.

For reasons known only to himself, our youngest cat Leo decided my messy bun was not messy enough. He was sitting on the back of my chair (while I was trying to work), and attacked my messy bun. He grabbed it with his teeth and shook it like he was trying to kill a rat. Then he proceeded to dig in with his paws to finish off the look. He did such a good job, I was afraid I would have a cat hanging off my head with his paws permanently tangled up in my (now extremely) messy bun.

Having a cat attacking your hairdo is quite a thrill.

And there you have it, two ways to achieve the perfect messy bun.

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