(did somebody say hair cut?)

Our “middle” cat, Oliver is a big gray mound of fluff. Ollie’s momma was a feral cat and his early kittenhood apparently left him convinced that humans are, for the most part, scary creatures bent on killing him, or at least causing grieveous bodily injury. He has adjusted to me and my husband, and we have worked out a routine (or I should say Ollie has worked out a routine) for Ollie to get pets and skritches.

And petting Ollie is something we love because, his fur is soooooo soft.

Amazingly, it doesn’t mat – too much. Which is a very good thing because Ollie is not going to tolerate combings and he is firmly convinced that hair cuts hurt – a lot. He will let you pull apart mats – for a brief time, but he doesn’t like that much either.

Anyhow, the mats are not the issue. It’s the fluff.

The fluff is everywhere.

It coats our lives.

We refer to Ollie as: the fluff monster, Lord Fluffington, fluff-for-brains, and sometimes Mr. Saucy Pants (Ollie is not the butchest cookie in the jar).

In my old age, I seem to be losing hair (maybe no more than I ever did, maybe I’m just noticing it more now, but combing leaves me with a good bit of hair in the comb). Hair in the tub drain seemed to be continuously causing slow and clogged drain issues. I was about to buy stock in Draino, since I was using it so often.

Then, at the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar or less, love that store), I see a two pack of metal mesh drain covers, one of which will fit my tub drain. Needless to say, I bought it, and placed the smaller cover in my tub drain.


Every day now, I have to clean the mesh drain cover – not because it is full of my hair. Every single day it is coated with Ollie fluff! Enough Ollie fluff to completely clog up the drain cover.

This makes me wonder just how much Ollie fluff have we ingested? How fluffly are our insides – lungs, stomach, gut? When we die, will our organs look like stuffed toys – full of gray fluff? Even now, I’m surprised that we aren’t hacking up hairballs!

It’s a good thing we love that fluff brained monster.

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