knitting(Yes I made this – and that’s not applique – it’s knitted as part of the sweater)


I was at the monthly craft circle I go to, working on my whatever the hell it’s going to be depending on how far the yarn goes project.

The discussion turned briefly to knitting versus crochet.

I do know how to do both. My maternal grandma taught me when I was a sweet young thing, when we lived with her after my parents got divorced.

I went through a spate of knitting in my thirties (including, when I was in the show Chicago, playing Mama Morton, knitting a scarf that when it furled open had the name “Velma” knitted into it), and that was pretty much it.

Mostly I crochet and for a very good reason.

When you knit, if you make a mistake there is a hole.

When you crochet, the whole thing is nothing but holes, so who gives a fuck!

I love needlework that is so forgiving.

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