I had another audition today. And this time, it was lovely. Just lovely.

Okay, I didn’t sing perfectly – but I didn’t stink up the place either. I did a good workmanlike job. (And the people casting pretty much know me.)  The thing is I didn’t suffer total dry mouth and clenched throat. I was not terror stricken.

I did a good job on the reading.

And I actually did okay on the dance.


I enjoyed myself.

And the most fun for me was walking in and finding a dear friend volunteering to help run the auditions – C. Michael.

C. Michael has driven me nuts from time to time, and I’m sure there are times when I am not his most favorite person; but in the end, I just love sitting and shooting the shit with C. Michael.

Of course, after I got home and sat around a bit, all my muscles started screaming about the dance audition – 20 minutes of working on a dance routine! You know my muscles are wondering what the fuck I thought I was doing.

I was having some fun, so shut the fuck up muscles; and just let me be happy with myself and the world for just a bit longer.

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