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Last night my dear husband had a hankering for cheap pizza, so off I go to our local Little Caesar’s.

There are a couple of ladies waiting for their order, and a guy in front of me paying for his pizza.

The guy in front of me offers to pay for the ladies who are waiting, but they have already paid. So he asks me what I’m getting, and I tell him I haven’t decided.

So he leaves his change ($14) on the counter and tells the guy at the counter to use it for my order. I tell him that’s really nice of him, and he says he won the lottery, and he leaves.

I told the guy at the counter, to take the $14 and put it in his tip jar. The kid was tickled pink.

So the guy who won the lottery felt good for helping me, I felt good for the kind offer and being able to pass it on to the kid (who needs the money a lot more than I do), and the kid behind the counter was felt good too.

So good on ya’ guy who one the lottery for spreading so much happiness with one act of kindness.

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