bad dream

Last night, I had one of my “story” dreams.

In my dream, I’m a young woman in college, who signs up to be part of an experiment. They were looking for someone to get pregnant. I sneaked a look at the files and found out that someone else was considered to be the best “match” for the criteria they were looking for. This made me jealous. I wanted all the attention, and to be pampered and fussed over (seriously, this was my big concern). So I tweaked my file so that it looked like I was a better match.

Fast forward, they keep attempting to impregnate me (really more like implanting an embryo), and it isn’t working.

Two things happen. They (the mysterious they) find out I faked the records, and I find out what this is all about – they they want a human to bear an alien baby. The alien is this big insect-like creature that is able to tear pretty much anything apart (but most extra-specially humans). And shooting it in the head (it’s only vulnerable part) doesn’t help because it’s brain is in it’s chest which is protected by a really strong carapace.

Clearly, I don’t want this creature to be brought into being on good old Earth.

But they lock me in a garage that has been sealed with some strange polymer. Head-creepy-guy tells me they are going to question me and find out who I have discussed the project with, and kill those people (basically all of my friends and family); and they are going ahead with the experiment with the lady who was the best choice.

Well, fuck me.

I find a sharp garden trowel and pruning shears in the garage, and get to work hacking through the polymer that was placed over the inside of some windows; and I’m actually making progress. But then the garage door is bashed in. Apparently by accident – a car crashed into it. I’m trying to decide if I should make good my escape, or if this is a trap.

I start mingling with all the people gathered around the accident, trying to see if anyone notices. It all looks good, so I walk away. I’m walking through the (somewhat rural) neighborhood, and I see a family packing up a picnic and getting into their car. Looks normal, until I realize they are deliberately taking way to long to get every thing and everybody into the car. So I take off, but I’m stopped by some government agent who explains that the “best choice” lady is no longer the best, because each time the embryo is implanted, your body changes a little. So now, I am the best, and because of all the failures, they are sure that this next time it’ll be successful because my body has changed to the point where it will now be hospitable to the alien embryo.

I try to explain to this guy why this is a really bad idea ….

And that’s when I wake up.

I think someone slipped something into my Togo’s Asian chicken salad wrap.

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