tomorrowBeen seeing lots of ads for the movie The Edge of Tomorrow.

So let me get this straight – it’s Groundhog Day with guns? I’ll pass.

I love Groundhog Day because it’s a clever idea, and I love Bill Murray.

Groundhog Day doesn’t need guns. Unless it’s to get rid of Andie McDowell (one of my least favorite actors – she always looks like her smile is connected directly to her asshole – the tighter her asshole gets the wider the smile – but you can tell it pains her, it truly pains her).

I mean just compare the catchphrase for each movie:

Groundhog Day – Life has a funny way of repeating itself.

Into Tomorrow – Live, Die, Repeat

Yes Groundhog Day is a silly movie, but I like silly.  I like silly a whole lot more than blood, guts, and things that go bang really, really loud.

So I’ll skip The Edge of Tomorrow and go see if Netflix can stream Groundhog Day, thank you very much.


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