sickMy dear husband came down with a cold just as we got to the science fiction con (BayCon). Spending a long weekend in a hotel room with someone with a cold pretty much will guaranty that you will, too, end up with a cold.

I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to catch it. That didn’t work out so well.

I’m hoping today is the worst of it. The day when you roll over in bed and your sinuses slosh.

Right now, I am groggy, dazed and snotty (not as cool as being bewitched, bothered and bewildered).

I would love to go to sleep, but when I lie down, my sinuses instantly plug up and I can’t breathe, except through my mouth, which I hate to do because that’s going to lead to a sore throat. I could take a decongestant, only that will dry up the viruses in my sinuses (oh, the virus in my sinus, the virus in my sinus, hi ho the derry oh, the virus in my sinus), and the cold will just last longer. I choose to suffer during the daytime in hopes of getting the yuck out of me and save decongestants for bedtime, so my nose will clear long enough so I can fall asleep. (Have I mentioned, how exciting a cold is when you use a CPAP?)

To let you know how lousy I feel, I actually e-mailed in sick. I work from home, and usually, I can power through here at home no matter how lousy I feel. Not today. Fuck it. I told them, if the REALLY need something to call me (that way, at least, I get the pleasure of being crabby with them and make them feel guilty when they here how bad I sound).

So y’all, stay well and to that end, stay far away from me.

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