travelGetting ready for a trip. One of my least favorite things to do. Especially when we’re flying.

When we’re driving, I can bring anything that will fit in the car, whether I’ll need it or not.

So now the fun begins. What do I need to bring? What do I want to bring? What will I forget?

I actually make a list. In fact, I keep old lists on my computer, which reduces chances I’ll forget drugs and toiletries. I also check the weather for the area we’re headed for.

So, do I bother with a laptop? No. I can use my husband’s in the evening, and during the day, most hotels have some you can use in the lobby.

Do I risk taking my precious ukulele with me? I’d like to, but too big of a risk that it will get broken.

Do I take my crocheting with me? I’d like to, but I can’t carry scissors on the plane and I don’t think my yarn needles are acceptable post 9/11 either.

My Kindle goes no matter what, and please Jesus, don’t let me forget the charger (like I did one time). Actually, most chargers can be replaced at the hotel – just go to the front desk. They usually have a big box of chargers people have left behind and you can just take one. Sadly, Kindle chargers are not as common. This is the voice of experience.

Do I take both my regular glasses and my “computer” glasses? Will I need make-up? Jewelry? Curling iron or something to deal with my gray mop? Paper, pen, pencils?

Momma, momma, make it stop.

I no longer wonder why so many old people don’t like to travel. I have become one of those old people.

Fortunately, this is why God (and my psychiatrist) gave us drugs. Right?


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