I have been in the habit of writing my blog posts last thing in the day. I figured after the accumulation of a days’ experiences, I would have more to draw from.


At the end of the day, my brain has already shut down and gone to bed, even though my fingers are still tapping away at the keyboard. I struggle to think of anything to blog about, and I am doubly frustrated because I know during the day I had all these great ideas that I told myself to remember for later (which I then promptly forgot).

This morning, I get up and decide to try doing some blogging; and guess what? This is the third blog post I’ve written. I actually have blog posts I can bank.

I have never considered myself a morning person.

Given the choice of many varied human pleasures, my first pick will almost always be sleeping. I love to sleep and I hate to get up.

Now, after all those years, I learn that my brain has been holding out on me.

Turns out you can’t trust anyone – not even yourself!


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