dih photoJust tickled with myself

I have been signed up for Spotify for a long time. However, being the smarty-mcfarty I think I am, I didn’t bother learning how to use it.

This resulted in much frustration.

I thought it would be more user friendly, so even a fat old lady like me could figure it out.

At least, not this fat old lady.

So I finally took the time to use Spotify help to learn what I should have checked out in the first place and – Ta-Dah! I can now use Spotify the way I want to be able to use it.

I am totally thrilled to be able to listen to albums I have on vinyl, like Martin Mull’s, without having to go to the trouble of digging them out or the expense of trying to get them on CD (if they are available).

I can now create a list of songs to practice for auditions! I can create a list of songs that I want to learn where no sheet music is available anywhere (like Dorothy by Hugh Prestwood). I can save songs from my favorite CDs or the whole CDs to listen to without having to dig through my (admittedly) large collection of CDs.

This makes me Happy!

Oh yeah, I can listen to Happy by Pharrell anytime I want too.

Or Fuck You by Ce-Lo.

Or I Hate Everyone by Get Set Go.

But for now, I’m just happy.

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