Photo: Tom Rossi took this one of us. Thank you, Tom, and thank you for your knee, Elaine!

I know, I know. I haven’t posted for a bit.

I was down in LA having a great time. I didn’t even take my laptop with me. I love blogging, but I love the people I was spending time with more.

The trip was for a reunion. The reunion of a very special church choir that hasn’t been together for 13 years. The amazing people who comprised the MCCV (Metropolitan Community Church of the Valley) choir during the reign of Steven Applegate (fondly known to me as Applebutt).

Steven has amazing taste in music and the skills to pull amazing performances out of his choir, which already had a lot of amazing people in it. Steven does a lot of musical directing and pulled from his many friends to sing with the choir for special events, and many of us stayed because you don’t often get the chance to have this kind of choral experience. A choir small enough that every voice counts, and well directed enough for every voice to be doing what it is supposed to be doing.

Steven and his helper, the lovely soprano Renee Burkett, pulled from the choir’s archives three mainstays from our repertoire – The Majesty and Glory of Your Name; Sanctus; and You Are the Light. With no prep, we sang through all three and it was gorgeous. I know we did not hit all the dynamics. We were enjoying the pure joy of the music to truly get down to the pianissimos, but we hit the fortissimos with gusto. Joy Brittain signed You Are the Light and I couldn’t watch her because I knew I would be sobbing. But it warmed my heart just to know she was there and that she still remembered the signing for that wonderful song.

And the people, the people. How I miss having these people in my life. Sure I bitched and moaned through rehearsals and having to get up early every Sunday morning, and sitting through a church service (although I was not quite a confirmed atheist at that point, I was well on my way). That’s just part of my “charm.” But the music, and the coffee time afterwards with dear friends was a highlight to my week.

I know this is incredibly sappy but suck it. I am a fat old lady, and I am allowed some sappiness over people I love and don’t get to see nearly enough.

And the icing on the cake was spending time with my sister Karon and her three boys (Kylend, Kaden and her husband Bill – you can’t have too many Bills in a family). More people I love and don’t get to see enough.

So I was busy seeing these people, soaking up the memories and joy of being with them because it’s going to have to last a while before I get to see them again.

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