Do you ever get a date stuck in your head; and you know it’s the wrong date, but your brain just won’t let go of that wrong date, and it keeps sneaking back unless you are constantly vigilant. Let’s just say, I’m not so vigilant.

I called my sister Linda today. I called her to wish her happy birthday. She didn’t answer her phone, so I sang Happy Birthday onto her voice mail.

Linda called me back.

I answered, “This must be the birthday girl!”

Linda said, “It’s not my birthday. It’s mother’s birthday.”

Yes, I called my sister Linda on our dead mother’s birthday.

Um, oops.

Our mother passed away in 1998. Her birthday is April 3. My sister’s birthday is April 11.

Luckily, Linda is always ready for a good laugh, especially if its at my expense – big sisters are like that.

Well, Mutti, wherever you may be, happy birthday!

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