You know how every time you go for a long drive, you start seeing signs for “Mystery Spot” (or some variation on that theme)? You know, the place where water runs uphill, and the laws of gravity seem to have taken a hiatus?

Well, San Jose’s mystery spot doesn’t come with the usual signs, and gravity works just fine there, thank you very much, but it is a mystery spot nonetheless.

On Highway 87 North just after the Taylor Street Exit, there is a curve in the road that mysteriously causes cars to slow down to a crawl for no fucking reason.

It is not that much of a curve, it’s not a blind curve, there is an on ramp merge on the other side of the curve, but there is almost never any traffic off of it, and still slow down cars must.

Since this curve is part of the commute from my house to the office, I have had a whole month to ponder this mystery spot. Taylor Street is a heavy off ramp, following a bunch of nasty merges; so I know why traffic backs up before the Mystery Spot; but after all that traffic has left the road for the Taylor off ramp and all the merging is done, wouldn’t you think people would be happy to get on with their commute? And they do speed up, very briefly, and then it’s like the event horizon of a black hole, or maybe the road turns to jello for awhile.

For some reason, my car does not seem to be affected by the Mystery Spot, my car would be happy to keep going at a goodly speed. My car is very unhappy to be forced to get in line for the slog through the Mystery Spot. My car thinks all those people slowing down are a bunch of fucking idiots – okay, maybe that’s me.

I think if San Jose is going to have a Mystery Spot, at least advertise it and get some tourist bucks for it – or maybe not. That’s what we don’t need tourists flocking to this extra-fucked-up place on San Jose’s already crowded freeways.

One thing is for sure – it’s a mystery.

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