After a month in the office, I am back to my own little workspace at home, getting my leg snotted by an old blind cat that wants me to pick him up, supper in the crock pot, and a cup of my husband’s delicious coffee at hand.

Life is good.

My biggest problem with being in the office is all of the things I can’t get done at home. If it’s slow in the office, what are you going to do? Facebook is blocked (bastards). And knowing that at home there is laundry to be done, groceries to be shopped, dishes to be washed, dust bunnies to herd – it is all the more galling.

People think when I work from home, I sit around in my pajamas all day. It’s not like that – at least not for me. My husband wakes me up after he’s taken his shower. I get up, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast with my husband. In the morning, I run errands, make calls, do chores, practice my ukulele. And at 1 pm I start work and work until 5 pm. Right at 5 pm, I am at home (no commute time) and can start dinner immediately (unless, like today, I’m crock potting it, in which case dinner is already all ready).

I guess it helps that I’m not a huge TV person or a telephone person.

Last night, for the first time in quite a while, we had a home-cooked dinner. And it was delicious. Especially after a month of Togos sandwiches, and heated-up frozen glop.

My clean clothes are all hung up and put away.
You can almost see the top of our dining room table.
The cat box is clean (momentarily, we do have 3 cats after all).

I repeat. Life is good.

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