At Least Kiss Me Before You Screw Me

Just found out today that as of the first of the year (as in 2014) the firm I work for changed its policy regarding the accumulation of sick time.

It used to be you could accumulate up to 20 days of sick time, and I had long ago accumulated that amount. Then they cut it back to you could accumulate 10 days of sick time; but us old-timers would not lose the excess we had already accumulated.

Now, as of December 31, 2014 any unused sick time is gone. You will get 5 days sick time a year. Period. No accumulation.

This is information I would have liked to have. I only found out by accident. I am NOT happy.

To me, the point of accumulated sick time is to have it available in the case of a serious injury or illness. 5 days a year will not cover a really bad cold, let alone surgery. 5 days a year will not cover doctor and dental appointments.

In the meantime, I’ve been putting in extra time to make up for doctor and dental appointments in an effort to preserve my sick time. I sure as shit would not have done that if I knew I was going to be losing all that time at the end of the year. That’ll teach me to try to be responsible.

Having so little sick time available means more and more people will drag their sorry asses into the office while sick, which will mean more and more people will catch the creeping crud and spread it around. There’s a plan. Yet another reason to be glad I am working from home.

Can I just call in bitchy?

One thought on “At Least Kiss Me Before You Screw Me

  1. I’m so with you! I feel bad you didn’t know, but glad you found out with 9 months left to ‘call in bitchy’. Which I would totally do if I had more sick time, and probably should already do for the greater good. Lol.

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