sas jpgNo matter how careful I am at breakfast, if I am eating pancakes or French toast or anything that I put syrup on, I can count on having a drip or two down my front.

Like anybody, I sometimes have drips on my shirt front, but I always get syrup drips.

I like syrup, but not a lot of it. So it isn’t because I’ve drenched my food with the stuff. I pretty much drizzle some on. I am surprised that there is enough on any given bite to account for the amount on my front. If the amount of syrup I end up with on the front of my shirt is proportionate to the amount of syrup I use, if I used the amount of syrup most people used, I would leave the restaurant soaked in syrup.

The only explanation I have is that my boobies are so sweet they simply have an affinity for all things sweet. It’s just sugar doesn’t stick; syrup does.

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