While the weather here is experiencing more mood swings than I (and that is a high bar indeed), the birds are doing their birds and the bees thing.  (I have no information on what the bees may or may not be up to because I haven’t seen any; they seem to be sensibly avoiding the outside until such time as the weather decides to be more consistent (hope they are patient little bees because this could take a while).)

We have a bird nest under the eaves next to the window where my husband has his computer.  Many comings and goings from that nest. Very exciting.

And I had quite the surprise when I took down our front door wreath (to remove the Easter ribbon, fuzzy/sparkly bunnies and carrots and replace same with Cinco de Mayo ribbon and various Hispanic-themed decorations). 

Some enterprising bird had built a nest into the top of the wreath.

Not only that, there are 3 blue eggs in the nest.

We had been out of town for a couple of weeks, but I know that our pet sitter (thank you darling Elly) had been in and out that door twice a day; which is probably more than we use the door, on average.  But still the intrepid little nest builder got ‘er done and squeezed out three baby bird packages.

So I was super careful handling the wreath and changing out the decorations. 

My wreaths are not things of beauty like my friend Nancy Kern Spinks creates (check out her FB page – Beauty and the Wreath); but it was made by my own dear cousin Alice from grapevines from my beloved Grandma Harris’ yard.  So it means a lot to me and if you don’t like it – oh well.

I have low hopes for the eggs being hatched as I have not seen a bird near the front porch since we got back. (General sadness.)  Especially with the cold weather we’ve been having; but I’m not touching them or the nest in hopes the birds sneak back to the little home they built in my Grandma’s grapevines (where love surely abides).

Okay – enough of this sappiness. Now I need to go curse at something.  I am sure one of the cats will be happy to oblige by providing me with a reason (like I need one).

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