The holidays are upon us.

I am really having problems getting focused on the holidays this year.

Usually I would have all the gifts ordered, to be shipped to the recipients, and the holiday cards all designed, and printed and the stamps and envelopes ordered.  And if the tree isn’t up, at least the household decorations are up.

I’ve got the household decorations up and that is it.

This year, my gifts will be handed to people – wrapped (badly) by myself. 

I am hoping for some snow so I can do the holiday cards – the weatherman keeps promising and then reneging.  Ass hat.

The tree has been dragged into the living room and the boxes of ornaments and lights and garland are there too – waiting for me to just get ‘er done.

And I want to get together with my nephew Kaden to make Christmas cookies – but he hasn’t returned my text. 

And currently, my calendar is just swamped with doctor appointments. 

So I’m creating a private wish list to stash ideas for gifts; and admiring the snowflake lights on the three front-facing windows; and my wonderful Christmas pageant nativity – where bears play all the roles.  And just hoping the weekend will arrive bearing a big ass bundle of energy for moi (along with a big-ass pile of snow in front of my house – with the added benefit of I’ll just have to stay in and get the tree up!)

I hope your holidays are coming at you in a more kindly and gentle fashion. 

With my apologies to the Susans in my life who have never asked me this.

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