As you may know, my plan for dealing with winter in Michigan was to stay inside and bake cookies.

Well, it’s winter in Michigan.  We’ve had quite a bit of snow (nothing like Buffalo, mind you, but for this California girl, it is still a little alarming).

So I should at least be up to my ankles in cookies right?  RIGHT?

Well, somebody forgot to take into consideration things like doctor and dentist appointments, hair appointments, appointment appointments, running to help sisters, grocery shopping, and on and on.

Well, shit.

Never in a million years did it occur to this fat old lady, that life in Michigan would be so hectic – so full of fucking appointments! 

So, I’m putting on my big girl panties (you’re welcome for that visual), and driving in the snow again. 


And to add insult to injury, there’s not a home baked cookie in sight. 

And yes, this is also my excuse for the lack of posting last week as well. One stone, two dead birds and all that shit.

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