I have watched 3 NetFlix series: 

The Pentaverate.  Meh. A few funny moments and you do get to see Michael Meyers’ penis; but mostly so juvenile even I wasn’t amused (and I am, if nothing else, easily amused). 

Cowboy Bebop (live action).  Kind of loved this one.  The action scenes are amazing – and I’m usually not about the fight scenes.  I have no idea if this sticks to the anime version, but I loved it as is.  Just old fashioned, tough-guy banter, gender fluidity, and a ending that was truly surprising (to me, anyway – remember, I have no familiarity with these characters or their storyline).

And last, but certainly not least –

The Sandman.  Holy crap.  The kid who plays Rose Walker isn’t quite up to the acting skills as her fellow cast members and it shows – but she tries.  The rest of the cast is amaze-balls.  I have always meant to read some of the Sandman comic books and just never got around to it.  Because I know Neil Gaiman is a wonderful writer, I have no doubts I will love the books – when and if I get around to them – but this series is not only beautifully written and acted – it is also total eye candy. 

So what you been watching?

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