(Not that that was a concern for me – ever.)

I am finding that gathering with family entails eating – almost always. 

Saturday, my husband was at a family reunion in upstate New York, so my sister Karon and I decided to have a sleep over.  She came over around dinner time, so we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner (I like this place because they have great liver and onions – I know a lot of you are thinking “GACK” – but that’s okay, more for me!). 

Sunday.  My Karon and I meet my sister Linda at that same restaurant for breakfast.  (They also make delicious blueberry pancakes.)

Afterwards, Linda headed home, but Karon’s husband wanted something that Karon had in her car, so we drove over there.  Sat around for a bit, petting dogs (she has 4 – yes, 4 dogs – but they are little bitsy dogs – put them altogether and you’d have one small dog) and watching some Dwight Yoakum videos.

Then we ended up meeting their kids for lunch before the boys had to go to work – yes – at that same restaurant (turns out they make a nice grilled cheese sandwich too – not too gloppy with cheese – I hate that). 

There’s also a pub with great food just down the road from us. 

I’m sure we have some of those super chic restaurants where they always put one more ingredient on perfectly good food to make it inedible (to me anyway) – but I haven’t found them yet (not that I’m looking).

Ah, Michigan the home of the perfect blueberry pancake, grilled cheese sandwich, and liver and onions – all at the same place (oh, and they also have clam strips – which I haven’t tried yet – but oh, I will, I assure you.)

Good to be home.

(By the way, the restaurant – The Riverside, overlooking the Tittabawasee River, keeps the local squirrels fed through donations from its patrons! Breakfast/lunch/dinner with a floor show! What’s not to love?)

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