If you know me, and/or have followed me that long, you may remember, some years ago, when my fluffy little ball of Fuck You, Mochi, bit my hand numerous times when I was trying to get her out from under the futon (where Leo had chased her just for the fun of it – Loved you Leo – but seriously WTF?)

Well, one of my dear cousins has a cat that is in decline.  Of course, cats can’t tell you what is going on, and she and her husband are doing everything they can so that what time he has is comfortable.

Last week, said cat bit her on the hand for no apparent reason.  She wasn’t even touching him.  And the bite was deep. 

She cleaned it up with alcohol and peroxide, but the next day her hand was swollen and those dreaded red streaks were headed up her arm.  So off to urgent care she goes – where they inject mega doses of antibiotics and write her a scrip for more antibiotics.  And they tell her, if it’s not better the next day, she needs to go to the ER.

Next day, it’s worse.

So off she goes to the ER.  They give her three IVs while she waits to be transported to the hospital.

She is held at the ER for 12 fucking hours.  Because the hospital has no available beds (and they won’t let anyone else take her over to the hospital).

Nobody offered to give her any food.  She finally demanded some food and they found her a box lunch with a tuna sandwich (this was at 7 p.m.).  She was all alone because she insisted her husband go home.  I just wish I knew sooner, because you know my big fat lady ass would have been there.  But by the time I found all this out, they kept telling her the ambulance would be transporting her any minute. 

Yeah, right.

She got to the ER at 11 AM and they finally loaded her into the ambulance for transport at 11 PM.  She called me at midnight – finally in the hospital and she called this morning and she’s doing okay – but they want to keep her at least one more day.

Nobody knows why the antibiotics aren’t working, but she is lacking some of her lymph nodes on that side.  So I’m thinking her immune system is a bit compromised on that side or it’s a resistant bug that got into her.  The hospital “germ” doctor told her they can’t open the wound and get a sample (no, I don’t know why – maybe it’s simply too late at this point) to determine what set all of this off.  Hopefully, the antibiotic IVs she’s getting will take care of the problem.

And she is now quite famous.  Everyone (from the transporting paramedic, to the hospital staff) is intrigued by her case and she is (affectionately) referred to as “Mrs. Cat-Bite”. 


  1. Sending good, healing thoughts for your cousin.

    Cats can get a form of dementia – just spent the weekend cat-sitting for a friend who went to Comic-Con &
    one of the cats started yowling, then running away & hiding. Made me crazy – found out that it;s a form of
    catsheimers, a REAL kind of feline dementia. My friend was warned to watch for changes in the cat’s
    behavior (hostility, etc) Your cousin’s cat is quite possibly under the influende of something similar. My friend;s cat seems to have altered personality – she’d never come around me, but suddenly she’s rubbing
    my ankles & holding her head up to be scratched. Ask your cousin’s vet about this – in some cases, the
    animals can be medicated to calm them down, make them less hostile (I’ve seen this happen with dogs,
    too – gentle animals turning on their people). Hope this can be dealt with & that your cousin never gets
    bitten again.

  2. Thank you. This is incredibly helpful and really seems spot on for what they are seeing in their cat. And good to know there is possible treatment so they don’t have to have the cat put down before it is time.

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