Remember my gas range trauma?

Some of you suggested I call the gas company for help. Turns out, in our area, the power company does not come out and check on things for free.  If you want their help, you have to sign up for a monthly program (and you have to sign up for a whole year) and they’ll come out look and even fix your appliances – labor and parts covered – except for a big ass list of small print limitations and restrictions.  The price varies depending on which appliances you want them to cover.

What a racket.

Anyhow, back to my gas range trauma.

It’s all taken care of.

My sister Karon and her husband came over on Sunday.  My husband wanted to pick my brother-in-law’s brain about the proper care and feeding of a Michigan house; and I’m always up to a chat with my sister.

Now, I know my brother-in-law is handy as fuck and my sister is a fan of gas stoves; so I requested that before they left we look at the cause of my gas-related concerns. (Insert fart joke here.) 

We looked at it and they solved all the problems. 

The same two burners still wouldn’t light, and the center burner still would light.  So they had me leave the center burner burning, and then turn on the two recalcitrant burners – and son-of-a-bitch, they both lit!  And then after we shut it all down, and the two formerly uncooperative burners lit up just fine! 


Then we moved on the to two ovens.

They’re electric.

I’m not kidding.

The ovens are both electric.

I do enough stupid things every day, that I don’t even feel embarrassed – I’m just so relieved! 

I can cook again!

Dinner’s on!

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