So – the light goes out in our refrigerator.

My dear husband tells me and I somehow conflate this with the idea that the refrigerator has stopped working.

The freezer is clearly still working, but it seems to me that every time I open the refrigerator door it feels warmer inside. 


I mean, we’ll be moving in the next couple of months this is not the time for us to have to buy a new refrigerator. 

So I call our appliance repair place and they send someone out right away. 

The guy takes temperatures and then because, I don’t know, he feels he has to impress us, he empties the freezer and takes apart the back and shows me that everything is just great with the whole refrigerator. 

Okay. Sigh of relief.

I point out that the light is still out on the refrigerator and he says we can just replace the bulb, which, okay, I knew that – but I ask can’t he do it – but he doesn’t want to; he just wants to pack up and go.

So okay.  I’m just happy that the refrigerator actually is working.

He goes.  My husband gives me a bulb and I proceed to change the bulb.

And the light is still out in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator isn’t broken – the light in the refrigerator is broken.

Well, double fuck.

I just paid $65 for a guy to come out and tell me that the refrigerator was fine – but didn’t get the one thing that was broken fixed.

And note, at no time during the preceding days do I actually try putting in a new bulb in the refrigerator. Something I know how to do.

My current plan is that the new owners can either live with a refrigerator with no light or they can fix or they can buy a new refrigerator because I just DO. NOT. CARE.

As my dear maternal Grandma used to say:

Sometimes I get so mad I could bite myself on the ass.


  1. I think you need to give the shop a call and ask like, where was his voltmeter to check whether the contacts are hot in the light socket, or whether the closed-door off switch is not releasing and letting the current get to the light socket? But then, I taught myself off 1970s electronics magazines, so what do I know (more than half of Heald’s and DeVry’s graduates, apparently).

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