I know that I have been missing in action – yet again.

We were a little busy.  Packing up 26 years of life and then driving across country with two cats.  So, sorry (not sorry) but my blog was not my number one priority. 

But my fat old lady ass is now firmly ensconced on a bar stool in front of the kitchen island in our beautiful new home in Saginaw, Michigan; and, at least until our belongings show up, I have a little bit of time. 

No, I don’t know when said belongings are going to be returned to us.  They were put into a big truck last Friday and we left on Saturday.  We’re here. We were able to transport my fat old lady ass and two cats across the country (with the unsparing assistance of a helpful husband too).  But we have not been able to get an answer out of American Van Lines as to when they might deign to deliver our belongings.


So we are “glamping” in our new home.

Yes, we could stay in a hotel, but after a week of hotels, both dear husband and I and the cats are thoroughly tired of hotel rooms. 

My dear sister Linda loaned us a (high) blow-up mattress and bedding, which got us through our first two nights; after which the bed for our guest room was delivered and we are now, once again, sleeping on a bed.  Ahhhhh.

A trip to the Dollar Tree provided us with paper towels, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 mugs, and 2 large plastic cups; along with a spatula, slotted spoon, dish towel, scrubbie sponges, and an oven mitt.  I got plastic “silver”ware at Meijer (fuck that place is huge), along with some requisite groceries and miscellaneous toiletries.

We brought our Mr. Coffee in the car with us – because COFFEE!!!, along with towels and bath mats.

Since then, I have made some purchases through Amazon (trash bins for one); made a trip to PetSmart for some cat necessities; and a trip to Best Buy when the microwave in the house decided to short out and emit a disturbing amount of smoke part way through “cooking” (okay, heating up) dinner.  This, by the way, is when we learned that our kitchen cabinets, on either side of the range are two different heights!  Go figure.

My husband has gone above and beyond spousal duties during the entire trip and since we’ve taken up residency – not just because he’s married to a fat OLD lady, but because this fat OLD lady’s back is really not happy with her at all.  (Bring on the drugs!)

The cats are …. Adjusting.  Our orange tabby Murphy is spending the majority of his time on top of the cabinet that is above the refrigerator.  Berta mostly hangs with us – laying on the kitchen island counter – because, yes, we are those people who pretty much allow their cats access to any surface they claim.

So the adventure begins.  Sometimes I wonder WTF am I doing, uprooting us at our ripe old ages (mine being decidedly riper than Bill’s).  But I am hoping in a month or two, new routines will have evolved and we will feel just as much at home here as were in San Jose. 


  1. Wishing you every happiness ( and furniture delivery) for your new chapter in Michigan…and this from an Ohio gal😅. Janet (always a Buckeye) Miller

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