I cannot do anything without it being a fucking adventure.

Why is that?

Have I piled up that much bad karma in my oh so long life?


Last year, it was the Big C.  Today I tested positive for the Little C.

Six days before we are supposed to pack up our lives and cross the country.  I have Covid.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Not surprised.  Hubby has it – he probably picked it up either at an airport or during his flight home (because of Delta, we were not traveling together); and tested positive a several days ago. 

Since, he was asymptomatic when I got home (a day after him, thanks a butt load Delta), there were smooches and hugs exchanged and no precautions taken and by the time he showed symptoms, we figured the benefits of isolation boat had sailed.  Either my vaccination and double boosts would work or not.  His didn’t, and neither did mine.

Well, that’s not fair.  It does work – his symptoms are like a bad cold and they are fading pretty quickly.  Since my symptoms came on exactly like his, I expect my travails in Covid-land to match his. 



Oh, and that is definitely NOT a pregnancy test.


  1. Hope your (& your husband’s) “little c” has been just that, a little pain in the ass as opposed to the major ones
    we so often get. Will be happy to hear that you’re on the mend & sufferd through no more than a really
    bad cold – several friends (vaccinated to bits!) have had covid & each case has been in the bad cold realm.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Thank you. I’m feeling a little bit better each day. Doesn’t help that we’re also (still) packing up the house for the move. I have to take lots of breaks; but things are moving forward bit by bit. Never got worse than the (really) bad cold stage – but it seemed to be building up a head of steam – which is why I opted to do the Paxlovid regimen. That and Sudafed have done wonders.

  3. Glad to hear it — AND your Kaiser drug-retrieval story. Used to drive a friend around (her knees were shot
    & of course the geniuses at Kaiser prescribed exercise for weight loss before they’d replace ’em) & often
    went to pick up scrips for her – your story is SO typical of the ding-battiness I found at Kaiser.

    Just go slowly – last person I know who had covid (after 2 shots plus a booster) said it took her about 3
    weeks to really get back to normal after all the symptoms cleared away. Take whatever time /breaks you
    need on the packing – it’s such a draining chore – if it takes a few hours longer overall, fuck it. Just don’t
    work yourself into exhaustion in your rush to leave our Golden State.

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