I am a bad wife.

My dear husband had a birthday and I did almost nothing to celebrate his gracing this world for another trip around the sun.

I felt like shit about it. I still feel like shit about it.

And you want to know the worst?

I know he totally understands. 


Usually, I’d make him a special dinner – but this time I only offered to go pick up whatever he wanted. 

I did get him one giftie, but I couldn’t resist giving it to him the day it arrived.  I got him a Cameo from one of our favorite Doug Benson’s I Love Movies podcast – Samm Levine – and it was a great Cameo (thank you Mr. Levine); and Bill enjoyed it. 

But on his actual birthday. 


Yes, we are leaving soon for house hunting. Yes, we are packing up 26 years of our lives.  Yes, we are both stressed and tired – but still ….

Do you know how lucky I am to have someone like my husband in my life?  Let me tell you – really, really lucky.  Fell in the jam pot lucky. 

Happy (now belated) birthday Bill.


  1. Guilt is a horrible thing. This post shows how much you adore him and I suspect you show him in small ways every day. Once a year on the day he was born is so unimportant in the great scheme of things

    • Thank you. We try to show our appreciation for each other every day. But I like “tradition” and this year, it just didn’t happen.

  2. Where oh where is tanteterri? Hope your absence from blog world is due to preparations for relocation &
    not illness or some other disaster. My daily webfest just isn’t the same without you! Hope all is well.

  3. We’re in Michigan buying a house. Trying to type on my laptop is a pain in my fat old lady patootie, so I’m taking a break. Headed home soon! Thanks for the wellness check!

  4. Good to know all is well – am picturing you on “House Hunters” going on about finished basements & how the
    house has character & charm.

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