I have bitched (I mean blogged – okay, I mean bitched) about Clearblue Pregnancy Test TV ads before.  I find it aggravating to think of two people who cannot, between them, figure out how to read a regular pregnancy test, producing children together. 

But this new one just makes me laugh.

We see a lovely black businesswoman working away.  This actress does a wonderful job of showing she is stressed without letting us know how she would prefer that test to come out.  Well done madam.

This lady has her pregnancy test – aka the pee stick – sitting on her desk.

First thought is – I hope she’s working from home.

Second thought is – for the love of God (TIDBI) at least use a coaster!

Just saying.

Nobody wants to walk into your office and see your pee stick on the desk; and people don’t want you to put a water glass on a wood surface without a coaster – so I would think using a coaster for your pee stick would not only be the polite thing to do but pretty much mandatory.

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