Light the corners of my mind, misty, water colored mem’ries of the way I was.

I had my first mammogram since my little adventure with breast cancer.

And it totally freaked me out.  I was in tears days beforehand.

Usually when I get a mammogram, I do my best to be entertaining for the technician, busting out (pun intended) my best boob material.  Helping too much to get everything in position (“Just relax, don’t help.”)

This time, I was basically silent. I stood there like a mannequin and for some reason, I had my eyes closed for most of it. That’s what probably bothered me the most – I didn’t even realize I had my eyes closed at first; and when I did, I just kept them closed.

So not me. 

I had the easiest of times with breast cancer, a little surgery, some radiation, and now I’m on Anastrozole for 5 years – but the side effects are minimal. 

Even at worst – I’ve got this. I’ve been through it. Let’s get back to normal.

And yet, there I stood. Eyes closed. Just a big fat old lady lump being moved around a machine.


  1. Oh, Lordy – THAT’S funny!
    who wrote the material? Was it a group effort or was there some guy or gal in a room with a piano banging
    out the parody lyrics for you? Whoever it was, they were on the nose – this was a GREAT start to the week –
    thank you SO much!

  2. Best times – we’d all sit in somebody’s living room (usually Laura’s, cause she had a kid) and come up with ideas and contribute to the lyrics. Sometimes, someone would have an idea, and just bring in the whole thing – but the best stuff was the group efforts.

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