My Mom passed away quite a while ago. 

I just found out that my brother Chick has her ashes. 

And Chick recently contacted me and my sister Linda about what to do with Mom’s ashes.

I thought she wanted them scattered at Sleeping Bear Dunes. 

Chick mentioned that he thought Mom wanted her ashes scattered along U.S. 2 (in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan). 

Linda and Chick thought it would be nice to have her ashes interred at my Grandmother (Mom’s mom) gravesite.  I am willing to do whatever Linda and Chick agree on.

Then I happen to get a phone call from my cousin Marilyn, who said Charlie (Chick’s father and Linda and my stepfather) had spread some of Mom’s ashes along U.S. 2 during one of his trips to Michigan.

And finally, I speak with my sister Karon, who tells me that her Mom (my stepmother) told her that Mom wanted her ashes spread along the beaches of U.S. 2.

So, with the help of many people, I now know that my Mom’s wishes about her ashes was (at least partially) carried out; which makes the decision to inter her remaining ashes with her mother and brother much easier. 

After divorce, family can become a lot more complicated – but it doesn’t make it any less loving and special. 

I know my Mom would approve of how everyone played their part in helping her children figure this out.

I am one lucky fat old lady.

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