I have been working as a legal secretary, paralegal and/or legal word processor for about 40 years or so. 

And the one thing you could always count on, at least as far as litigation goes, things start to slow down in November and grind to a halt in December.

Nobody wanted to be the guy dragging everybody into a courtroom during the holidays.

Now, transactional law – that’s another story.  Every single client has something they were supposed to take care of during the year, that they put off and put off, and now it HAS to be done before December 31st.  Thanks a buttload people; but you can’t blame the attorneys for procrastinating clients.

That’s just how things were.

But this year, holy crap. 

This year, I am busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kissing contest. 

You heard me; and I stand by it because it was said by a man who is literally a rocket scientist.

Our office is supposed to be closed tomorrow.  But not for me.  I’ll be toiling away working on a pile of documents which at this very moment are still unfinished and which no one seems to be able to provide me with a list of even how many documents we’re dealing with, all of which have a filing deadline of tomorrow.

No, this is not something the Court “sprung” on us.

So, why didn’t the attorneys plan appropriately and get this done before running headfirst into a deadline?

Clearly, you don’t know many attorneys.

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