I am one tired fat old lady; but I can say that we are done with Christmas. 

The card designed, printed and folded.  The annual letter written, printed and folded. The address and return labels printed and stuck on.  Envelopes stuffed, stamped and sealed.  And the whole thing has been delivered to the first post office I could find that didn’t have it’s outside boxes crammed to over flowing. 

Christmas gifts ordered and (hopefully) shipped.  The one and only trip to the post office made (that was an adventure and lesson in the frailties of humanity). 

I’ll make use something special for Christmas dinner – and that’s it.

No tree, no decorations.  I packed everything up pretty well last year, and I figure it’s mostly good for the move – so why screw with it.

The only thing I might do is take the ornaments and wrap them with coffee filters (something I saw on FaceBook – thanks to Joanne!).  Because I keep buying the wrong size coffee filters, we have about a bazillion extra ones.

Really not feeling it this year. 

I used to marvel at my Grandma (Harris) not wanting to put up her little (silver) tree.  (So I would put it up and take it down.)

It all becomes oh so clear now. 

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