I have played the role of Miss Hannigan in 3 different productions. (And I’m not dead yet. I love the role, if not the show, in general.)

Needless to say, I know Annie. 

What I saw tonight was not Annie as I know it. 

It was a TV extravaganza full of extraneous dancing, songs, and changes in the script.

I’m not objecting.  I loved that the cast was ethnically diverse.  The (most) choreography was clever and danced beautifully. I loved many of the performances and their take on their roles (and the adjustments made because of script changes). 

But it was not the show that I love/hate. 

(Also WTF was that about Hannigan having the locket from a fire?  That is not only not in the script it makes absolutely no sense!)

So here’s looking back on one of my performances – in the scene where Grace (not Warbucks) tells Hannigan that Annie is being adopted. 

2 thoughts on “THIS FAT OLD LADY’S TBT – ANNIE

  1. Now THAT’S a scream! A Tony-winner for sure!

    Didn’t see “Annie” – hate the show, & am right up there with ol’ W.C.Fields when it comes to a stage full of
    kids. Read the review in today’s HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (online all day) & it sounds pretty much like your
    take on it – why they fool with the script of such a sure winner I’ll never know – sometimes it seems as if no
    one on a production team ever heard “If it ain’t broke…”.

    If you ever play Miss Hannigan again, let me know – that’s one I’d pay to see.

  2. I got a big chuckle out of reading a FB thread from my friend Ed Gaynes (who toured in Annie) and all his (old time) show biz friends (many of whom were in professional productions of Annie). They more than put my mind at ease about my thoughts on Annie Live. Although, I found I liked a lot more acting choices than they did.

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