I know, I know. It is becoming my habit to do my Fat Friday post on Sundays – and if it weren’t for the allure of alliteration (see what I did there?) I would change the name.

Anyhow …

I knew, even without Google translate’s help, that I not only loved the art work of Bilder von Nell (aka “Nell”); but that I also adored what she has written (in German) on her art.

And I was right.  (Although, it did take Google translate’s help to confirm – I’ve had two terms of college German and most of it has long since fallen out of this fat old lady’s head.)

There is precious little about Bilder Von Nell online.  Okay – there is nothing about her; but she does have her own website: with lots of examples of her art that is for sale. 

She has images of non-fat people; but mostly her art is about fat women – which I greatly appreciate (being one myself).  And her little writings are the perfect complement to the art (once you figure out what those writings are). 

I have a lot more examples of her fat people art on my Pinterest Board:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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