Remember when I had all that cancer stuff going on and having to go to appointments all the time? Remember how I couldn’t wait to just have a clear calendar?

Yeah, well, that didn’t last long.

I had such a bunch of stuff that needed to get taken care of. 

A lot of them required picking up a phone – which is something I’m very bad at. 

Blame my stepfather – our ability to use the phone was severely limited – partly because Charlie had to get up in the wee hours of the morning and so we were not allowed to have anyone call the house after 7 p.m. in case he was sleeping.  So I’m not as phone-centric as some (not that I can’t get on the phone with my sisters or cousins and just gab my face off).


I just got everything done and/or scheduled.


Now, I get to deal with a full calendar (again).


Getting the hairs on my head chopped; Murphy is going to the vet for a checkup (can’t wait to get his big butt into a cat carrier); confirmed the pet sitter for an upcoming vacation (had to ask her to remind me of her last name because it’s been a year and a half since I’ve needed to write a check to her); made an appointment to start in on getting hearing aids (because that’s how old I am); got my A1c checked; got my booster vaccine; got my 65+ flu shot (because that’s how old I am); looked at all the paperwork for a depression group I’m going to try (God (TIDBI) help me – why is there so much paperwork/homework???); and started my packing list and the WTF are we going to eat lists for the upcoming vacation.


I think that’s everything.  I hope that’s everything.

Not to worry, that’s why God (TIDBI) made Google calendar.

Now all I have to do is do all these things on my calendar!

Let the fun begin.

(Oh, and when I’m finished up with all of this – WELCOME TO THE HOLIDAY SEASON!)

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