My advice to people who are looking to make friends is always – go volunteer at your local community theater. 

I don’t care what your skills are; they will be happy to see you and happy to put you to work. 

You don’t even have to set foot onstage, if you don’t want to – somebody has to make the coffee!

And you will find the most interesting, funny, and caring people in the world there. 

For the most part, theater people are the most accepting people you will ever meet. 

Yes, there are some assholes.  Assholes abound in this world; you can’t totally avoid them (try as one may); but they are pretty easy to avoid; and true assholes don’t tend to last long – live theater is a small community and word gets around – quickly.

And just for the record.  Try not to be an asshole.  The world has more than sufficient assholes.

Be ready to accept people as they are, and (for the most part – remember there are always going to be the assholes) you will be likewise accepted. 

As everyone figures out how to do live theater during the age of COVID, theaters are starting to plan seasons and produce shows. It’s a great time to get involved.

Welcome to the theater.

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