That’s all I would like right now.  Some peace and quiet.

Our orange tabby Murphy is a chatty cat. 

He is more than that, sometimes he is a whiny, noisy, ass-hat cat 

He is supposed to be the one with gentle brains.

And I think that’s an apt description – however, he just never shuts the fuck up.

His voice is piercing.

He somehow makes his mouth as small and round as possible; which allows him to focus the noise that is about to come out.

And oh, does it come out.

In a constant stream.

With losing Leo and my chronic depression (which is understandably stirred up), I just want some peace and quiet.  My head seems to be aching all the time.  I’m not sleeping well (this I cannot blame on Murphy – he is quiet once the lights are out and we are both in bed).

I just wish I knew what he wants; or at least how to shut him up for a little while.

Well, I know mostly, he wants me to go into the bathroom and give him snacks.  Woe be unto me for starting this little custom – but too late now.  Trying to break a cat’s routine is a fool’s errand (but then giving a cat treats when you go to the bathroom, isn’t the brightest idea either). 

He does like it when we go into the bedroom where he’ll fling himself across the bed, stretch himself out as far as he can, and demand pets – lots and lots of pets. 

It’s just for such a gentle brained cat he is also a mega-Demando Cat. 

And I’m just not in the mood. 

Or more accurately, I’m in a mood.

I do, however, see the irony in me complaining about Murphy’s bitching and moaning. 

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