About 14 years ago, we (actually, Bill) chose a kitten from a litter being fostered through Town Cats.  He was full of personality and had the most beautiful fur.  He fulfilled our one non-negotiable requirement – he was not shy.  At all.

This little spark was Leo and we had to say goodbye to him today.

We had to say goodbye because I couldn’t stand to see him dying by inches. 

Leo had become quite thin, but he always ate good and drank plenty of water.

Until he didn’t. 

We went to see a vet and she found a mass in his abdomen, most likely on his spleen, most likely an aggressive cancer.

He went downhill very quickly, spending his time in hidey holes he found in our closets and when he did come out he could barely stand up.  He’d take a few steps and collapse.  Despite having meds for anti-nausea and appetite stimulant, he simply would not eat no matter what you tempted him with.  I was forcing him to take in water and (cat food) broth using a spoon, and that would perk him up a little. 

But the fact was, he wasn’t going to get better.

And he was suffering.

And as much as it ripped my heart out to do it, I called the vet to have him put to sleep.

I did ask the vet to look him over and let me know if I was jumping the gun.  Oh, how I would have loved to hear that Leo wasn’t well, but he wasn’t on his way out either.  I would have happily paid for the whole appointment and taken our beautiful boy home.

But the vet confirmed what I knew in my heart was true – it was time.

So Leo is gone.  I had some last time snuggle time with him and he drifted off peacefully and now he doesn’t hurt anymore. 

He was well loved and such a good boy – well mostly, but he was always our beautiful boy.

Rest in peace.

Baby Leo

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