I ordered three items from Amazon – a HUGE bottle of ibuprofen; some foundation makeup that I wanted to try; and a coffee mug.

I received from Amazon a set of queen-sized “luxury” sheets, two square pillow forms, and 2 white fake fur covers for the pillow forms.


Now, I realize that what I received was of higher “value” than what I had ordered.  Although, I have difficulty perceiving what kind of person actually wants white faux-fur pillows.  But to each their own.

Meanwhile, I still WANT my HUGE bottle of ibuprofen, the makeup and that coffee mug.

So I get on chat with Amazon customer service. 

First response was, just keep the stuff we sent you that you didn’t really want (hey, those sheets are the right size and look very nice … we won’t discuss the rest of the contents).

I then ask, what about the stuff I actually ordered? 

Amazon, we can refund you the cost of the mug.

What about the other two items?

Please hold while I check.

Holding, holding, holding.

We can replace the mug.

That’s great.  What about the other two items?

Please hold while I check.

Holding, holding, holding.

Just this one time (!) we can replace all three items.

Fine.  Thank you.  Bye.

So I’m pretty happy.

On the other hand, I’m thinking of some poor person, maybe a college student looking to spiff up their dorm room or parents hoping to surprise their kid with some bedroom upgrades.  They get their Amazon box and open it ….  There’s a HUGE bottle of ibuprofen, some makeup and … a coffee mug that says …

I would have loved to listen to that chat with Amazon Customer Service!

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