Some of you may already know Jenny Lawson’ books.  I did not.  That is, I did not until my niece Jo recommended her to me. 


I have a new favorite author. 

Jenny Lawson writes like I wish I could write.  She has lived, to put it mildly, an unusual life and that is what she writes about.  And she is fucking hilarious.  I also really appreciate the number of times she uses the word fuck in her books (or at least the one I am reading, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened). 

Jo told me that once on a road trip her husband was reading a Jenny Lawson book out loud and Jo had to pull over to the side of the road because she was laughing so hard. Jo is very smart; and has a dark sense of humor that is not unlike my own – so I figured this I gotta read.

So far in my life there are only two pieces of writing that will make me laugh out loud – even to the point of tears. 

The first is in the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen, Belles on Their Toes, by  Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey.  The story of the handyman going to court because he hit the backside of a fat woman with a board at the beach.  Yes, this is somewhat fat phobic, but to me it is more a fascination with the spectacular movement of fat flesh that is set into motion – it’s not a negative, it’s about two objects (her ass and the board) that were meant to come together).  The handyman is truly sorry and he just cannot explain what motivated him to do such a thing.  And (to me) it’s hilarious. 

The second is in Six of One by Rita Mae Brown (or at least I think it’s in Six of One – it might be in Rubyfruit Jungle but I don’t think so, whatever, it was written by Rita Mae Brown).  It is the story of the observations of a child seeing a woman, who is trying to walk on an icy sidewalk, whose elastic in her underwear gives up the ghost and the panties head to the ground.  This is in the 20s or 30s when such a circumstance is unthinkable and this coupled with the insistence of a young girl that this woman needs help is, again to me, hilarious.

I am hoping that Jenny Lawson will supply at least one moment of unfettered glee so that I will have a trifecta of hilarity. 

Anyhow, if you are in the market for some contemporary autobiographical reading that is of a sort that this fat old lady finds it enjoyable and really funny reading – check out Jenny Lawson.


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