You may have noticed that lately I’ve been on a little bit of a baking kick. 

I find baking to be a pain in the butt but soothing too. 

Wait – no.  I’m not saying that pains in the butt are also soothing (and whether or not this is the voice of experience, is none of your bee’s wax).  I am saying that baking is two very different things – absolutely at odds with each other (absolutely). 

Nothing dirties pots, pans, measuring cups and spoons, bowls, like baking. 

Nothing flies around like flour.  I think it may be more invasive than moondust.  It just goes all over and sticks everywhere. 

So the aftermath is usually a big ol’ mess.

But the aftermath is also usually something yummy to eat.

So six of one / half dozen of another.

But as long as I have the comfort and happiness of homemade baked goods for a few days or so, the butt pain is worth it.  (Don’t judge.)

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