Friday, I have my first “meeting” with the oncology radiologist.  Another video appointment.  And I just read the brochure for Kaiser’s Cancer Treatment Center and it seems I have this appointment and then at least 2 more in-person appointments before I actually start treatment. 

And the fucking cherry on top of my cancer treatment sundae? 

I asked the oncologist if there were any weight restrictions for the equipment over at the fancy-schmancy Cancer Treatment Center – and she said yes – but (surprise surprise) she doesn’t know what they are, but she’ll be sure to give the oncologist a head’s up. 

Am I really the first fat person Kaiser as ever had who has needed radiation treatment for breast cancer?  Or am I simply the first fat person to have the audacity to expect Kaiser to know how to treat a fat person with breast cancer?

WTFFFF? (What The Fuckety-Fuck-Fuck-Fuck?)

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