I was zooming with my sister Linda and her daughter Jo when the topic of pre-death planning came up (because we’re cheery like that). 

We’re kind of cremation (smoke ’em if you got ’em) kind of family; but the question of a funeral/viewing came up.

I had never wanted a viewing or funeral per se.

Until I had a thought – a thought I had never had before.

And it delighted me no end.

What I want for my funeral/viewing/pre burning me up – I want to be laid out stark naked with a bunch of permanent markers; and everyone can “sign” my carcass – like they would  signing a cast for a broken limb! 

They can draw and/or write whatever they want!

And I’ll go up in smoke with all of their thoughts with me.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Discussing this with Linda and Jo and later with my husband, apparently, there is some concern that people might have trouble with the whole naked as a jay bird thing.  (Seems to me that’s half the fun!)  So as a compromise, I agreed I could be wearing a white bikini – or anything, really, that covers the nervous-making naughty bits. 

Jo and Linda liked the idea of having people write wishes, thoughts, prayers on bits of fabric that could be sewn together for a final coverlet for the body when it goes into the furnace. 

That’s good too. 

But truthfully, I LOVE my idea.

Who’s in?

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