For the longest time, Easter was my favorite holiday.  Even when you don’t believe in God, Easter is so hopeful.  To me, it’s all about Spring and new life – and candy.

Easter has so many wonderful things – you get new clothes (I have always been about the clothes); the music is wonderful and joyful (just because I don’t believe in God doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the celebratory music), Spring is either here or just around the corner, and there’s candy! 

What could be more perfect?

I didn’t care that there was no Easter bunny – I wanted an Easter basket; and even when I moved out I would make baskets up for my roommate and me. 

I didn’t care about dying eggs or finding them – after years of being on the dieting merry-go-round, I pretty much don’t care if I never see another hard boiled egg (although, I have been known to make an exception for deviled eggs). 

To me Easter was a day to get up early; eat an especially delicious breakfast, eat candy all day, get dressed up and have a nice ham dinner with family (or friends or both).

Now?  Meh. 

The only Easter candy I love is Peeps, and you can pretty much get those year round nowadays, so they have lost some of their appeal. 

We’re not having ham.  My husband is not a big fan (unless it’s on a sandwich); so we’re having a nice pot roast.  And that’s okay because truth be told – a slice or two of ham, and I’m good for the rest of the year.   

I do miss the special music the MCCV choir would perform for Holy Week.  Never did find a choir home here in San Jose. 

I hope those of you who celebrate (for whatever reason), I wish you a Happy Easter.  And … as always … beware of brown jelly beans!

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