No.  Not The Crown.  No.  Not The Queen’s Gambit.

The Equalizer.

Starring the one and only Queen Latifah.

I have only seen an episode or two of the original TV show The Equalizer (1985-1989); but I liked what I saw.

I never saw the Denzel Washington reboot film. 

Now I’m watching the new TV version of The Equalizer, starring Queen Latifah and I LOVE what I’m seeing.  Apparently CBS is loving it too because we’re 3 episodes in and they have already renewed the show for a second season.

Not only does Queen Latifah have the acting chops for this venture, but her athleticism is wonderful.  She is clear, in interviews, that she is not a 22 year old and plans on pacing herself so she can provide great action in all the episodes.  Imho, she is graceful and strong in her fight choreography; and she knows her way around a motorcycle. 

It’s great to see a female lead in an action show who is not a 20-something, whip thin blond.  Queen Latifah shows us that a female lead can be more than a youthful body as long as she is dynamic, charismatic and willing to do the work – three things that Queen Latifah is, and then some. 

Not nuts about the daughter – at least not as written.  The young lady comes across as super entitled and full of the usual TV teenage angst.  Can we please find a new trope for teenage girls?  I find the character so unlikeable that when (and with all the stubbornness and entitlement going on, you know it’s coming) she gets herself in trouble, I don’t think I’ll much care about the outcome. 

The show is shot in Newark, New Jersey (where Queen Latifah was born) – standing in for Chicago.  And has a sufficiently gritty feel.  Although, I’ll be interested in how you make a Newark winter stand in for a Chicago winter.  

Anybody else watching this? 

There was a pause in shooting in February because of a positive COVID test with the crew; but they are back to it and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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