Anyone with cats knows that cats have an affinity to odd things.  I mean besides their affinity to cat people which you must admit tends to be an odd lot.

I have had cats who love Spaghettios, jello, tomato sauce, banana popsicles, Ben Gay, anti-biotic gel. 

Many cats have a strange attraction and love affair with smelly shoes and socks and toes.  Cats like to lick/bite their owner’s hair, face, and other body parts, for no apparent reason.  My sister Linda is having trouble with her cat because she likes to lick Aspercreme off her feet.  Linda tried switching to Vicks – and the fucking cat likes that too.

Fucking cats.

Our orange cat Murphy has developed his own fetish. 

Apparently, he is suddenly fascinated with boob sweat. 

When I disrobe before bed, I dump my clothes next to the bed (hey, I live in California and if there is an earthquake and I need to vacate the house immediately, I want to have clothes right there.  Because that’s the kind of good neighbor I am.

First I take off my t-shirt (working from home, my uniform is a t-shirt and leggings).  He has to run over and give it a good sniffing, a little dig, dig, dig, and more sniffing.  But when the bra comes off – look out.  He’s in heaven.  Sniff, dig, dig, dig, roll, roll roll, purr, purr, purr. 

The fucking cat LOVES boob sweat. 

WTF Murphy?

Lucky for him I have fat old lady boobs, and I don’t want to brag but it can get plenty swampy in there depending on what I’m doing during the day. 

And just wait, Murphy, summer is coming!

Glad all my effort (and boob sweat) is not going to go to waste.

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