If you are thinking of doing any kind of performance art form, you will benefit from learning and learning and more learning.

Acting?  Standup?  Improv? 

Watch people.  Watch them in life, watch them on TV, watch them in movies.  Figure out how they convey what is going on physically. 

Listen to people.  Listen to accents, dialects, inflections.  Listen to the words they use and how they use them. 

Read.  Reading will expand your vocabulary (nothing worse than being in the middle of an audition and suddenly there’s a word you don’t know).  Reading also allows you to imagine how the characters would move and sound and think. 

Learning the basic rules of pronunciation of various languages will be a big help too.  Learning a whole new language will allow you to absorb more about the culture and art forms of people who speak that language. 

Movies, TV and books will expose you to situations that you are never likely to experience in real life – but you may find yourself using in acting. 

Watch the classics, read the classics, listen to the classics.  They are called “classics” for a reason. 

Keep current on the news (frustrating and disheartening as that can be).  It gives you insight in understanding acting choices, understanding contemporary humor and contemporary plays, movies, TV shows and books.

Ditto with trends in music.

If you choose to be more physical – in your acting or as a dancer – vary your skill set.  Learn different kinds of martial arts, different forms of movement.  Find ways to push your body to be more flexible and strong. 

And if you don’t use some (or even all) of it?  So what?  You’re a little more worldly, you’re a little better educated, your mind has been opened a bit.

Hey, why do you think artsy folks are so much fun to talk to? We’re interesting AF because we’re interested AF.

It’s all good.

As Rita Mae Brown said:

Put your money in your head, that way no one can take it form you.

And you know what is really wonderful?  You can access all of these things from your home.  You need a computer and you need internet access.  It’s all out there waiting for you. 

Life is short.  Use your time wisely.

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