When I was a student at Delta College (aka Tri-High), I took some theater classes.  One was a beginning acting class.

Think Morales singing Nothing.

And, we all know, when I get bored I tend to find ways to amuse myself.

One assignment was to mime something.

We had people doing the “box” mime; we had the guy who mimed getting up in the morning and taking a pee.

My choice was –

A lady who through mime shows she is not happy with her lack of a bosom.

She opens a box and mimes putting on a bra.

She then uses something in her hand to blow up the bra – and thereby, pump-by-pump attaining an impressive bosom. 

She releases the something in her hand and her bosom deflates. 

(It’s amazing the effect you can attain just by alternating slumping and standing straighter and pulling your shoulders back a bit)

She repeats the exercise.

She then answers her door, opens the door, and then shakes hands with whoever is at the door.

The handshaking, quite logically (to me), causes her bosom to inflate and deflate and inflate and deflate, ad infinitum.

Clearly my hilarity peaked in my first year of college.

I also refer you to the real life experience of Betty Jenkins:

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